JVHM Launches Private SCS Satellite

April 1, 2011 – JVHM, Inc. today successfully launched its SCS geosynchronous satellite. This marks the first Stellar Computing Service (SCS) satellite to ever be placed in orbit, putting Stellar Software as a Service (SSaaSy) within reach of Continue reading

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Famous Computer Quotes

Now, I cannot vouch for the validity of these quotes but stumbled on them the other day.  I had stored them off in 2000.  Enjoy! Continue reading

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themeleon by COLOURlovers makes your Twitter POP!

While catching up on the Twittering Twats (okay, stole that term from @JohnCleese) I follow, I came across a tweet from @ev (aka, Evan Williams), one of the founders of Twitter.  Evan was espousing the greatness Continue reading

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Clients that Inspire

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Lexnet Consulting Group on several blog implementations and continue to be impressed by one of the clients for whom I set up two blogs, Mark English Architects.  I was first impressed by the way they embraced the power behind blogging and other social media tools, like Twitter.  Maybe impressed is less accurate than the fact that it made me feel good to have someone take a deliverable and really make great use of it. Continue reading

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Keywords Make the Difference

So, you now are full steam ahead on your blog, that’s great. What’s next? Well, if you are trying to drive traffic to your site and have not yet jumped into the fray that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you need to start reading up. Continue reading

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Web Design – Color Considerations

I’m not going to go into an art lesson and teach you what colors work together or what emotions certain colors prompt, but I do want to make certain that one takes in the human aspects of color selection on their viewing public. Continue reading

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Web Development Must Haves

If you do any amount of web development, professionally or personally, then you should definitely be using these: Continue reading

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Great Web Research and Collaboration Tool

Ever wish you could remember why you created a particular bookmark? Ever wish you could search your list of bookmarks because you can’t remember which one it was that contained information you found of interest? Well, here is a tool that lets you do just this, and more. It’s called Diigo. Continue reading

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JVHM can create, sharpen and polish your ePresence

The crew at JVHM are here to help you on the path to advancing your presence on the Internet. Not only will we build a site that will reflect your organization’s professional appearance and leadership in the industry, we will create a site that will drive business your way and, once there, allow visitors to navigate and easily get the information they need. Pretty is good but clean, smooth flowing, inbound traffic generating is better. For more information, contact the crew at JVHM, Inc.

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