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JVHM, Inc. has over 25 years of experience designing, developing, implementing and supporting Contact Relationship Management systems across a wide and tall set of businesses.  Let us bring this experience to you.  Our expertise puts us in a league of our own.  By utilizing our CRM services you will be removing the biggest point of failure when implementing a CRM solution, that of a weak, ill prepared, inexperienced partner.  Trust us, putting this variable behind you will make all the difference.

JVHM has built custom CRM solutions from the ground up and we have implemented generic or enhanced solutions using some of the finest products out there.  We currently support Salesforce, SalesLogix CRM and SageCRM but can easily come up to speed and assist with other solutions.

We are Full Service CRM Consultants

Yes, JVHM can handle implementing and supporting all the standard CRM features. We have worked with small businesses and we have worked on large global projects consisting of hundreds of network and remote users working from offices and call centers around the world. Here are some of the other related Contact Relationship Management services we provide:

  • Upgrading server and client applications to the latest version, service pack or hot fix.
  • Integrating CRM systems with other internal and external systems.
  • Establishing system monitoring to ensure all environments are up-and-running and performing to expectations.
  • Creating automated methods to keep the routine processes running on a reliable, unattended schedule.
  • Creating methodologies to ensure data quality is at its highest.
  • Pushing the limits on what a CRM system can do.


Sales, Service and Support Analysis

Looking for an independent analyst to come in and review your current sales, service and support processes? Well, the senior staff at JVHM have been working in the Sales and Service field for over 25 years and can come in and take inventory. They then will review with your team what they have learned and show you areas where improvements can be made, ranking improvements based upon those that will have the most positive impact on your business now, and which ones should be considered later. They can then continue to work with you on defining, developing and implementing solutions. We also are skilled at managing multi-vendor solutions, ensuring someone is keeping track of the big picture.

JVHM, Inc. provides project management services and domain knowledge in tandem with development, implementation, integration and support services to bring the power of to your organization. If you’d like more details on how we can help enhance or implement for you, just contact us as we are standing ready to bring success to your project.

Sage SalesLogix

JVHM, Inc. can assist in the planning, implementation, customization, integration and support of Sage SalesLogix CRM solutions.  If you are already running SalesLogix, we can help to further enhance, expand or upgrade your system.

Contact Us Now

Drop us a note to have someone contact you about how our CRM services can benefit you.


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