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I’ve had the good fortune to work with Lexnet Consulting Group on several blog implementations and continue to be impressed by one of the clients for whom I set up two blogs, Mark English Architects.  I was first impressed by the way they embraced the power behind blogging and other social media tools, like Twitter.  Maybe impressed is less accurate than the fact that it made me feel good to have someone take a deliverable and really make great use of it.MEA San Mateo KitchenMEA-eclectic-entryAfter getting things situated for Mark English Architects I signed up for their feeds and also started following their Twitter stream, @markenglisharch.  After following for several months now I must say that I am truly impressed by the quality of the content on their “Green Compliance Plus” blog and look forward to seeing more Posts on their new “The Architects’ Take” blog.

I’ve also found that the quality of their Twitter stream is quite high, as evidenced by the following that they’ve obtained.  Their Tweets also led me to Mark English Architect’s presence on houzz where their work is on display.  It’s truly beautiful work.  I love architecture and looking at their work is like leafing through a Best of Architectural Digest magazine issue.

I have a lot of other clients that do great work and bring me personal satisfaction in my association with them; it’s just that I was awe struck again today while looking through Mark’s portfolio.  I can only hope I work with many more clients like Mark English Architects.

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