Database Services

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Database Design

JVHM is experienced in database design and development.  Our expertise covers Hadoop Big Data tools, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Advanced Server, MySQL and more.  If you are looking to take advantage of Big Data tools for your reporting or data science needs, or need a solid database design for a website, a client/server application or a reporting application, we are an exceptional resource with experience from small blogging databases through multi-million row financial systems.

Hadoop Big Data Services

JVHM, Inc. can build out or enhance your Hadoop environment to cover all aspects of your big data needs, from setting up the initial architecture and structure of your HDFS directories, to building out a data pipeline to acquire and manage the flow of your data. We also can develop Spark scripts to transform your data, making it ready for your reporting and data science needs.

We stand at the ready to help you get a leg up in this evolving, critical technology.

Database Architecture

JVHM, Inc. can handle all forms of database duties and can design and implement various elements such as the following:

  • Optimal schema design:  We can define the best relationships and attribution to ensure all data needs are met in the most efficient and robust manner.
  • Database constraints:  We are of the belief that the more constraints created at the database level the better your data will be AND the better the programs accessing and maintaining the data will be as they are less prone to cause mischief.
  • Stored procedures and functions:  Not only are stored procedures a great tool for processing routine data tasks, they often are essential in integration routines, reporting and in communicating with the user interface.
  • Database triggers:  Triggers are a great way to manage system auditing and Referential integrity:  Database level RI is often overlooked, yet it is a crucial wall of defense in maintaining the highest level of data quality.
  • Index Optimization:  Ensuring proper indexing is created is how you ensure that your user interface is snappy and that reporting and other data intensive needs execute efficiently.
  • And more…

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