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JVHM Launches Private SCS Satellite

JVHM, Inc. today successfully launched its SCS geosynchronous satellite. This marks the first Stellar Computing Service (SCS) satellite to ever be placed in orbit, putting Stellar Software as a Service (SSaaSy) within reach of those needing a more stable, reliable and expandable service.

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Famous Computer Quotes

It is interesting to look back at where the experts in the computer industry were saying technology would be in the future and what has actually materialized. Some of these industry experts continue to be at the forefront of their field and yet, back in the day, they couldn’t even imagine where we would be today.

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themeleon by COLOURlovers makes your Twitter POP!

themeleon from COLOURlovers makes your Twitter page pop by removing the need for a graphics program to create a truly creative background and color scheme to personalize your page to reflect “What’s Happening” with you.

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Clients that Inspire

After following Mark English Architects feeds and Twitter stream for several months I must say that I am truly impressed by the quality of the content on their “Green Compliance Plus” and “The Architects’ Take” blogs.

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Keywords Make the Difference

It is important to become knowledgeable with regard to selecting keywords that align with your content and will drive traffic to your site. Just don’t go so keyword crazy that your message suffers. This article will inform you of resources and techniques of which you should be aware.

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Web Design – Color Considerations

We create a web site for a reason; to get a message across, to share one’s interests, to promote services or products. It is important, then, to ensure we get this message across by making simple decisions when it comes to the use of color and its impact on guests that may have varying forms of color blindness.

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Web Development Must Haves

Professional, amateur, hobbyist and aspiring web developers will be far better off utilizing the Firefox browser and add-in’s with one particular toolbar add-in being a “must have”

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Great Web Research and Collaboration Tool

Diigo is a fantastic web collaboration and research tool as well as a fantastic way to maximize the utility of bookmarks.

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JVHM can create, sharpen and polish your ePresence

JVHM is the place to go to advance your presence on the Internet

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