themeleon by COLOURlovers makes your Twitter POP!

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While catching up on the Twittering Twats (okay, stole that term from @JohnCleese) I follow, I came across a tweet from @ev (aka, Evan Williams), one of the founders of Twitter.  Evan was espousing the greatness of the @COLOURlovers tool, themeleon, for adjusting your Twitter account’s graphical look.  Well, always the curious one, I decided to check it out.

themeleon turned out to be a really cool tool and I give it three thumbs up.  It is a great way to spice up your Twitter account without having to use a graphics program.  You simply go to the themeleon tool, log into your Twitter account and then select from existing colors and patterns or upload your own photos.  In no time at all your Twitter page will reflect your account’s persona.  The toughest part?  Trying to choose what you like the best from the many options available.  Now go have fun!

JWLambert Twitter Page Before and After themeleon

JWLambert Twitter Page Before and After themeleon Makeover

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