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themeleon by COLOURlovers makes your Twitter POP!

themeleon from COLOURlovers makes your Twitter page pop by removing the need for a graphics program to create a truly creative background and color scheme to personalize your page to reflect “What’s Happening” with you.

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Web Design – Color Considerations

We create a web site for a reason; to get a message across, to share one’s interests, to promote services or products. It is important, then, to ensure we get this message across by making simple decisions when it comes to the use of color and its impact on guests that may have varying forms of color blindness.

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Web Development Must Haves

Professional, amateur, hobbyist and aspiring web developers will be far better off utilizing the Firefox browser and add-in’s with one particular toolbar add-in being a “must have”

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JVHM can create, sharpen and polish your ePresence

JVHM is the place to go to advance your presence on the Internet

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