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JVHM, Inc. is a software services firm founded in 1999 by Jeff Lambert, the previous owner of Software Solution Specialists, a software development firm that opened shop in 1990.  Jeff continues to lead the company as the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

JVHM’s design and development expertise spans across many disciplines but concentrates in a couple of core areas.  The first core strength is within the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) field where we have been working with customer service and sales and marketing systems for nearly 30 years.  This provides JVHM with a deep wealth of knowledge about older client/server CRM systems (e.g., SalesLogix) and current cloud based CRM products (e.g., Salesforce).  This knowledge and experience also provides a strong base when a client is looking for a home grown solution or feature enhancements to current systems.

Another core set of offerings at JVHM are our website design, development, implementation and support services. In this area our primary focus is ensuring consistency and reach across the many available Web assets while providing a Web experience that captures and supports your clients and proudly promotes your organization. We have worked with many businesses to increase their online presence via the use of inbound marketing tools and tactics, such as proper SEO implementation and blogging integration.

Other areas of expertise where JVHM serves clients include database design and development, business analysis, project management, video production, photographic asset development and graphical design.  Many times these services are provided in combination with our CRM or Web design and development services but we also provide specific services for specific needs.

JVHM, Inc. was founded on the philosophy of solving clients’ needs in such a fashion as to deliver significant returns on investment. This means that proper planning, development, implementation, training and follow-through need to occur with a constant vigilance that the project is progressing as planned throughout the process. It also means that the goals must be well defined and there must be buy in from all key stakeholders.

JVHM prides itself on helping businesses determine what their true needs are and then takes these needs and converts them into an action and delivery plan, all while cultivating in-house evangelists that will strongly support the process and the end product. The final result is a quality solution that is properly matched to the needs and budget of the business and one that users are proud to have been involved in bringing to fruition and excited to use.  Our approach to project definition, development, implementation and support ensures that JVHM will never be a point of discussion when someone is recounting a horror story of a project.

Another benefit of partnering with JVHM is the breadth of our business, industry and systems knowledge.  JVHM has a wide range of experience across many industries from finance to manufacturing to biotechnology. We also have a wide range of experience with various types of applications including sales force automation systems, contract management systems, customer service and sales order management systems, bar coding systems, personnel management systems, purchasing systems and more.

JVHM, Inc. has the expertise to deliver on all of your software related needs and we are interested in partnering on a successful project that makes a positive impact on your business, so, please contact us today to start a partnership on a CRM, Web Development or other software development or management project.

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